Pantone unveils the color of the year 2017: "Greenery"

Every year, Pantone reveals "The color of the year". Last year, there were two: "Rose Quartz" and the "Serenity Blue". This year, it is on a green tone that will count, soberly baptized "Greenery" (greenery in English). The brand also took the opportunity to present this new color on its Facebook page.

To describe "Greenery", Pantone uses the following words: "The more people are submerged in modern life, the more their desire to immerse themselves in the physical beauty of the natural world is important. This change is reflected by the proliferation of all things that express greenery in everyday life, whether in the heart of urban landscapes, in the archiptera or in our lifestyle. " A new color for a new year that is about to begin and should inspire the creative!

Video: Pantone's Color of the Year 2017 (January 2020).