Christmas crib revisited for hipsters

Each year, it is the same ritual in the coming months of December: the Christmas tree, and for some, the nursery. And if we put the latter a little up to date? In the USA, "Modern Nativity" is an amazing project that has emerged, and that offers you to revisit the traditional Christmas crib hipster way.

Forget the clichés of your childhood. Here, Joseph is a green logger with a beautiful cut beard. He takes a selfie with baby Jesus, and Mary who poses with a duckface and a Starbucks mug in his hands. In short, you have understood, Modern Nativity offers a different way to apprehend the nursery ... at the risk of disturbing the purists. You can buy this unusual manger from 130 dollars on the manufacturer's website.

Video: Nativity Gourds, Signs of Christmas, Tintabulations (October 2019).