Desperados Flare: the new beer that sparkles

In terms of beer, Desperados has always been a modern and avant-garde brand. Despe is no exception to the rule and unveils the "Flare", its new limited edition beer that sparkles. This surprising new beer retains the same taste and color as the original Desperados.

But the change is visual: shaking or flipping the bottle, you will be surprised by its shiny golden texture that comes alive before your eyes. This aesthetic effect was made possible by the addition of golden pigments in the liquid. And for the launch of Desperados Flare, the brand invites one hundred of the best cocktail bars and clubs in France to reclaim this new signature to sublimate its unexpected effect and offer a unique tasting experience.

Desperados Flare will be offered exclusively at Monoprix at 1.98 euros. In the meantime, we invite you to discover this new creation with our video below.

Video: Desperados Review. Top Of The Hops (November 2019).