30 fun infographics that illustrate our everyday life

If you like creativity, then you surely know BoredPanda, one of the most prolific international sites in the field. The latter recently published a very entertaining article, in which he summarizes our daily life through original and offbeat infographics.

The opportunity to remember that infographics do not always have to be serious, and to offer fresh and fun content to feed our new chronic #CreaGraphie. We let you discover below the different infographics of friends from BoredPanda.

The reasons why I update my apps

To have a new interface and increase the stability of my terminal
To make leave the small red icon of the notifications

People who think I'm handsome

My mother
James Blunt

What to do when I do not understand what someone tells me

Tell him I did not understand
Get closer to hear better
Repeat "WHAT?"
To laugh while hoping it's not a question

The content of women's magazines

"You are beautiful as you are"
Pubs to lose 20 kg in 4 weeks

There are two types of people

People who hate the sound of their voices
Morgan Freeman

What happens when I tell someone that I'm color-blind

It's cool
* pointing an object * What color is it?

What you do when someone sings to you "Happy Birthday"

You sit like an idiot trying to figure out how to react

What I think about math class

It's the m ** of
It's me ** e

When you forget the name of your interlocutor

You try and find the right one
You are trying and you are wrong
You wait for someone else to say his name

The different uses of Google

Find the ultimate information
Watch porn
When you are too tired to write ".com"
Make a spell check


Also Japan

What happens when you see a message written in uppercase

You read it aloud in a normal way
You read it by shouting in your head

Retail: the customer is always ...

A good person
A con

The content of a pop song

Real lyrics

The sentences that scare

"I'm sorry but… "
"The test is positive ..."
"Can I talk to you?"

People who explain how things were "in the good old days"

Old people
People born in the 90s

The content of Pitbull's songs

Random words in Spanish
"Mr. World Wide "
The name of 4 big cities

Why the bad guys are arrested in Scooby Doo

For committing a crime
For putting on a suit in order to frighten others


The time spent looking for a movie
Time spent watching a movie

Mom, can I ...?


What I do when I wait for my toast to come out of the toaster

I take out the butter and the utensils
I clean the kitchen a little
I'm waiting next to the toaster

What is my diploma

Find a job
Make pretty on the wall

The good side of being a father

Raising a child and instilling in him a moral and an ethic
Player with LEGOs again!

The reasons I am gay

I am really gay
I forgot to sign out of my Facebook account

How to wake Lady Gaga from a nap

Hurray "Gaga!"
Shake her
Pour him a bowl of ice water on the bed
Snap an alarm
"P-p-p-oke her face!"

The things people say when I write with my left hand

I have a (insert the word you want) who is also left-handed
The left-handers are so creative!
How do you write like that?
Are you left-handed?

People who are looking for you on Facebook

High school people you hate
College people you hate
The people at work that you hate

What Voldemort does not have

A family
A nose

When there is no food at home

There is really nothing to eat
Have you looked at this place?
Diet !
Mom will order take-away
There is food, but not junk food

Time spent using a tupperware

Keep fresh food
Keep moldy food
Look for the right lid

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