This designer takes the requests for Photoshop retouches literally

Graphic designers are often exposed to numerous requests for retouching of all kinds on Photoshop. James Fridman is a creative who decided to literally take them literally, and of course with a touch of humor.

We let you discover some of his creations below.

Hey James, we're both in love with the same boy. Can you make me look like a "grater" and make the girl look bad with black shoes? Thank you."

Hey James. I love your work on Photoshop. Can you clean the stone wall behind me? "

Can you make sure to be at the same height as my friend? Thank you."

Can you Photoshop my brother (the one on the phone) to give the impression that he is having a good time with me? Thank you so much !"

Hey James! Can you make my right leg longer? She looks very short. Thank you !"

Hey, can you make sure my friend is being chased by something scary? Thank you so much."

Hey James, can you give the impression that we are on dangerous waters? I want to look cool. "

Hey James, can you make this fight scene more epic? "

Hey James! Can you slice my friend without being too visible? "

Video: Taking Photoshop Request (October 2019).