KFC celebrates its birthday by bringing love to its consumers

In Bangladesh, the KFC fast food chain is celebrating its 10th anniversary. For the occasion, she decided to see things big by setting up a global communication campaign that aims to bring love to its consumers, and connect them together.

The brand has set up several original devices in its stores. First, she has put cards in place that allow customers to leave a surprise message of love and sharing to strangers. Then, it has set up terminals that allow customers to converse in real time with local personalities. The idea is of course to bring them a moment of sharing in joy and good humor. Finally, KFC set up the "chicken dance", rewarding the best dancers with gifts.

A global communication campaign, conveying love and good humor, which allowed the famous fast food brand to celebrate this anniversary as it should. An initiative put in place thanks to the support of Mediumrare agency.

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