Snapchat launches connected glasses to make circular snaps

While Google has abandoned the development of its Glasses, Snapchat announced this Friday, September 23 the launch of Spectacles. With the strongest growth in social networks, Snapchat seems to want to innovate and surprise its users with a pair of connected glasses allowing you to take circular snaps.

Their price? $ 129. The glasses were planned since the end of 2014 with the acquisition of Vergence Labs, which had already launched the Epiphany Eyewear. Their frame is rather classic but the shape of the glasses is original to leave room for two small cameras that illuminate when they are active.

Their use seems extremely simple, just like the application and will allow you to make 10-second video captures that you can then share with your friends via the app on your smarpthone.

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An idea from Snap, Inc.

Video: Snapchat Spectacles 2 - Nico Unboxing. Brand New Snapchat Glasses V2 (January 2020).