The 10 creative tweets of the week (n ° 40)

And 40! The time flies. For this new edition of the best creative tweets of the week, you are promised not to change the formula that goes well and you like: fun and creative tweets that breathe the spread.

Let's go !

Not easy to know who in the world or the year will finish first.

- Jean-Moundir (@supermegadrivin) December 20, 2016

Priority uestion.

5:45 am the cat comes to hug me by purring
5:46 the cat makes his claws on my thigh
5:47 am the cat is orbiting pluton

- The LumberJack (@LeLumberJack) December 22, 2016

h46 ...?

My son, Santa ...
- ... there is not that?
- I ... yes.
- Oh you know when I understood for God I understood for him too.

- whatever (@MateuilB) December 20, 2016

Christmas magic!

Seen on Tinder "I'm looking for someone with whom I can ask myself and project myself."
In fact, she's looking for a catapult.

- Franck Brusset (@FranckBrusset) December 23, 2016

hate his tastes!

Everyone is ready to remove the virus from daddy's computer and show mom where are all the mails she lost?

- Theo Citron (@theo_citron) December 23, 2016

Christmas radition.

The dude who has nothing to do with Christmas and who is packing his Christmas tree 21/12 #punk #nofuture

- Matteu Maestracci (@MMaestracci) December 21, 2016

oel (much too much) in advance.

Me at Christmas dinner tomorrow.

- Anil (@WaRTeK) December 23, 2016

we have an appetite!

According to Google, the atmosphere at the District Court Villeurbanne look good sympatoche # conviviality

- Benjamin (@benjmo) December 21, 2016

thank you Google!

The one granted taff compensation at Micromania

- Norde (@nordeleouf) December 22, 2016

eadshot on Micromania.

My tip for a serene Christmas meal with my family?
Stuff the turkey with Xanax.

- Paranoid. (@Paranoid_sO) December 21, 2016