30 creative benches hidden around the world

Creativity is everywhere! Any street furniture, like the benches, can be a means of artistic expression. We present you 30 creative benches hidden around the globe. You will see, there is imagination in the air ...

The underwater bench (Vöclabruck, Austria)

The bench at arm's length (Kiev, Ukraine)

The toboggan bench (Massachusetts, USA)

The carpet bench (Newcastle, England)

The bench "whale tail"

The rotating bench against the rain

The bench hidden in a wall (Luxembourg, Luxembourg)

The bench "colored pencils" (Kiev, Ukraine)

The musical bench

The bench hidden in a tulip

The circular bench

The hammock bench

The book bench (London, England)

The broken bench

The curved bench (Sydney, Australia)

The bench coming out of the ground (St. Louis, USA)

The flowered bench (New York, USA)

The bench "typewriter"

The wave bench

The geometric bench

The curved bench (Split, Croatia)

The bench "bus stop"

The bench "black pebbles" (San Francisco, USA)

The tree bench (Seattle, USA)

The bench "hasmter wheel" (New York, USA)

The desk bench

The sailing bench

The mountain bench

The growing bench (Hamburg, Germany)

The swan bench

Video: 30 Most Creative Benches And Seats Ever (February 2020).