McDonald's launches home delivery with UberEATS

A little over a year ago, Uber announced the launch of "UberEATS", his home meal delivery service. The principle is simple: you are delivered by couriers the dishes of your favorite restaurants in a few minutes. In the United States, UberEATS has just signed a major partner to expand its delivery portfolio: McDonald's.

And yes, the Americans will FINALLY be able to take advantage of the McDo home delivery, a service expected by all. Three cities have been selected to test the experience: Miami, Orlando and Tampa. They count, in total, not less than 200 restaurants. To be delivered, our American friends will have to use the UberEATS or McDelivery app. The brand promises delivery in less than 10 minutes, which will still be charged 5 dollars. When is the same thing in France?

Finally McDo delivery at home!

Thank you UberEATS!