Instagram will slide ads between the Stories

A few months ago, Instagram unveiled a major update of the social network: "Instagram Stories". In short, the brand simply copied the format of Snapchat, which becomes here an additional feature to Instagram. The operation was successful, as in just a few months, Instagram Stories has managed to federate 150 million daily users. But you know: who says success, necessarily says one day monetization, and therefore publicity.

If advertisements and sponsored posts have been around for some time on Instagram, the Stories seemed previously untouched. But not for a long time, since Instagram will slide advertisements between Stories. The first 30 advertisers will have the privilege of testing this new format which will literally slip into the middle of the Stories. In short, when you scroll through the photos and videos, you will occasionally fall on a sponsored content. Below is a video that shows an example of use with Airbnb.

Advertisements come on Instagram Stories!

After the sponsored posts on Instagram ...

... get ready to see pubs slip between the Stories

Video: How to add LINKS to Instagram Story - Swipe up URL link (February 2020).