Facebook launches "Editions" to compete with Snapchat

If you use Snapchat frequently, then you surely know "Discover". This feature allows publishers to access a special format for distributing their content to Snapchat users. The stories in the format "Discover" are visible to all users, and publishers pay the high price to appear. A format that works pretty well, and that seems to also inspire its big competitor: Facebook.

Facebook will indeed deploy "Editions", a format similar to "Discover" from Snapchat. Since January 12, 2017, Facebook has started testing a way for publishers to group multiple posts in the format "Instant Articles" in one post.

Publishers will only have to select articles and a cover photo, or a video, to create a snapshot package. Mobile Facebook users will then be able to view these snapshots in their news feeds and on the publisher's Facebook page. A new feature that shows that Facebook's strategy is clearly to draw inspiration from the best ideas of its competitors to develop its platform.

Facebook unveils a new feature ...

... and attacks directly ...

... to his competitor Snapchat

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