Bouquets of meat for those who do not like flowers

And if the bouquets of flowers, it was exceeded? In the United States, the Say It With Beef startup has launched an extremely amazing online business. It offers Internet users to deliver bouquets of meat instead of flowers.

The initiative is totally unusual, but will undoubtedly be the delight of gourmands and lovers of dried beef. Two bouquets are available on the site: roses and daisies. The meat is worked with great precision to make the illusion complete. The initiative is creative and made us smile, if only to make an unforgettable surprise to his sweetheart. Not recommended for veggies ... For more information, visit the website of the startup Say It With Beef.

If you think the flowers are gone ...

... you can always offer ...

... a bunch of dried beef

Thanks Say It With Beef!

Video: DIY MAN BOUQUET. Making a man's bouquet of sausage. Meat bouquet HANDMADE (November 2019).