An ingenious iPhone 8 concept that reinvents the "Home" button

While waiting for the release of the iPhone 8, here is a very interesting concept imagined by designer Moe Slah. Based in Dubai, this creative imagined an iPhone 8 concept that totally reinvents the button "Home". In this very interesting concept, the button disappears and simply becomes a graphic icon of the OLED screen.

Like the Touch Bar of the new MacBooks Pro, a "virtual" bar appears at the bottom of the screen, which is customized according to the application launched. If you are on Deezer or Spotify, the bar will bring up the playlist buttons. If you receive a call, it is customized with answer options. A concept really well thought out and worked, that you can visualize in more detail on the page Behance of the project.

A very good concept for the future iPhone 8

The "Home" button disappears and integrates with the screen

The bar is personalized when you receive a call

An overview of the new options

In playlist mode!

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