The 10 best creative ideas of the week (# 38)

Like every Saturday, we invite you to discover a synthesis of the 10 best creative ideas of the week. A small folder specially designed for those who have not had time to watch this week.

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10 brands that changed logo in 2016

Changing the logo is not a simple decision to make. Back on 10 brands that have decided to adopt a new logo during the year 2016.
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The totally crazy creative wishes of the Mythologies agency

The exercise of the wishes is always complicated for the agencies which must redouble ingenuity and creativity. And for once, we can say that the agency Mythologies has set the bar very high.
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A bin that automatically turns your waste into fertilizer

At CES 2017, manufacturer Whirlpool unveiled "Zera", a design bin that automatically turns your food waste into fertilizer.
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A billboard that starts to cough when a smoker is nearby

In Sweden, this anti-smoking campaign has raised the bar on guilt. As soon as a smoker passes nearby, the panel interacts and begins to cough.
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These broken sculptures are actually glass pieces shipped by FedEx

There are more surprising creative projects than the others. And this one is a real UFO in the middle. British artist Walead Beshty creates glass pieces by shipping packages to FedEx that are deliberately broken.
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A giant ball pool to decompress with his friends

In Australia, at the Sydney Festival, a giant ball pool has been set up, offering families a moment of relaxation and fun.
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Tinder destroys virtual reality with his new helmet

On the occasion of the CES 2017, the dating app Tinder unveils a fake helmet that tackles virtual reality to highlight true love ... the one that is real.
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This lingerie brand uses WhatsApp to discreetly advise its customers

In the UK, to personalize its customer service, the Agent Provocateur lingerie brand advises its customers directly on WhatsApp.
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18 creative stairs for street art lovers

Are you a street art fan? Small focus on the most beautiful achievements around the stairs in the world.
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Burger King communicates by diverting subway racks

In South Korea, Burger King is promoting it by hijacking subway racks to promote its flame steaks.
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