A subtle and intelligent print campaign to raise awareness about giving

Brands sell us dreams, associations reality. It is from this truthful statement of truth that the team created Les Venants to create an absolutely brilliant fictional print campaign for the Emmaus association. The idea: to raise awareness about the importance of making donations by introducing Emmaus into our consumption habits.

The Venants have therefore imagined a print campaign that diverts three other brands: IKEA for furniture, Hachette for books and Benetton for ready-to-wear. Each print is cut in half: the left side is reserved for advertising for the brand, and the one on the right refers to the donation to Emmaus. After viewing these different subtle and intelligent prints, you will understand: the message here is to open our eyes to our consumption, sometimes excessive, which can turn into a gift, with a little will. The final idea is to make the gift a reflex at the same level as that of the purchase.

A relevant and intelligent fictional campaign, which you can discover in its entirety on the project's Behance page. We love the idea, which brilliantly diverts well-known brands from the consumer to open his eyes to a less pleasant reality: that of people who need donations to live.

Hachette x Emmaus

United Colors of Benetton x Emmaus

IKEA x Emmaus

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