And if the policies were Haribo sweets?

What connection can there be between French political figures and Haribo sweets? Absolutely none. And yet, twitto Niki Sheybani had the idea to create a correlation between these two worlds so far apart. A student at Paris-Nanterre University, the young lady had the idea to compare French political figures to different types of Haribo sweets.

Thus, Emmanuel Macron becomes a Tagada Strawberry, while Marine Le Pen takes the form of a Liquorice. We love the idea, full of creativity, that the young student explains as follows: "I think our favorite sweets sometimes reflect our personality very well". We let you discover below its different associations.

Benoit Hamon x Dragibus

Hamon - Dragibus
-colored, tangy
Do not worry about whether you love or hate
-in doubt you'll put it back on the shelf

- Niki (@NikiShey) February 19, 2017

Emmanuel Macron x Tagada Pink

Macron-Tagada who pik
-promise of innovation and novelty
-but the taste becomes that of the classic tagada after 2mn

- Niki (@NikiShey) February 19, 2017

Marine Le Pen x Liquorice

MLP - licorice.
- everyone pretends to hate it
-but he sells millions every year
-not good

- Niki (@NikiShey) February 19, 2017

François Fillon x Crocodile

Fillon - Croco
-the classic, you counted on him
-you got nauseated when you ate more than two
-T'oses not throw the package

- Niki (@NikiShey) February 19, 2017

Jean-Luc Mélenchon x Pasta Basta

Melenchon-Pasta Basta
- it spades, it changes you like it well
-but not more than 2, stay serious

- Niki (@NikiShey) February 19, 2017

François Bayrou x Egg in the Dish

Bayrou - eggs
It's been around since you were born
-not bad but not good either
- useless but not disturbing

- Niki (@NikiShey) February 19, 2017

Yannick Jadot x Star Mint

Yannick Jadot - star mint
-person knows
-person never tasted
-nobody wants to taste

- Niki (@NikiShey) February 19, 2017

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