Burger King invents toothpaste that tastes like Whopper

If you've been to Burger King before, then you definitely know Whopper, the iconic burger. Its particularity is simple: its meat is grilled with the flame to leave you its flavor longer in mouth. A flavor so delicious that one would almost not brush your teeth to keep it in your mouth!

In France, Burger King collaborated with the Buzzman agency to develop the "Whopper Toothpaste". The idea: create an unusual whopper toothpaste. According to the brand, this toothpaste gourmet and certified by our friends dentists should soon be available for sale. But we are leaning towards a good big April fool as only Burger King knows how to do it ...

[mks_highlight color = "# ffd858"] Source [/ mks_highlight] Burger King & Buzzman

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