Toyota creates an eco-friendly billboard that cleans the air

It's no secret that automakers are all trying to fit in with the trend of ecology and sustainable development. Toyota does not escape this rule and proves it with this new advertising campaign set up to promote its new vehicle, the "Toyota Mirai".

In the United States, the brand has installed in Los Angeles and San Francisco no less than 37 billboards. But not just any, since they would be able to purify the surrounding air. The eco-friendly panel uses a titanium vinyl coated with dioxide to purify the surrounding area. These 37 panels installed from April 3 to May 28 would be, according to Toyota, able "To cancel the pollution" of 5285 vehicles per month. A relevant communication operation that demonstrates a true willingness of the manufacturer to act in favor of the environment.

Video: The Billboards For Toyotas Hydrogen-Powered Mirai Eat Pollution (November 2019).