This machine prints in 3D the clothes of your dreams

You like custom clothes, but sewing is really not your thing? Here is a new concept that should please you. In the United Kingdom, a startup has developed Kniterate, a revolutionary knitting machine based on the principle of 3D printing to allow you to tailor the clothes of your dreams.

No more complications, just one button to launch the creation of your new outfit. Kniterate works through a dedicated application that will allow you to customize the garment you want to edit. Then you just have to check that all the materials are there and launch 3D printing in the blink of an eye. The project is already attracting users who have exceeded the objectives of its inventors in terms of funding. To learn more, visit the Kickstarter page of the project.

Video: Portable Printer Directly Prints Designs On Clothes (October 2019).