The best creative tweets of the second presidential debate

Yesterday evening took place the second big debate of the presidential elections 2017. Unlike the first which only involved 5 candidates (François Fillon, Emmanuel Macron, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Marine Le Pen and Benoît Hamon)this second debate saw the 11 candidates to the French presidency clash.

We invite you to discover the best creative tweets of the second presidential debate broadcast on BFMTV and CNews.

-I'm talking about pineapple pizzas or not? #LeGrandDebat

- Flo (@Flootoutcourt) April 4, 2017

- errrrrg there's no minibar on this set? #LeGrandDebat

- Views (@viewsfrance) April 4, 2017

Mélenchon who says "Just a few words" is like when you say "Go one last episode before sleeping" #LeGrandDebat

- Raton-Stegosaurus (@Ziigzaton) April 4, 2017



- Rémi Collonge (@RemiCollonge) April 4, 2017

Lassalle when he speaks nobody interrupted! They try to understand all of his #LeGrandDebat sentences

- Manon (@Bdkmanon) April 4, 2017



Arthaud is eco-management teacher in Aubervilliers, it shows that she has gotten used to yelling on his STMG #LeGrandDebat

- Zoe (@nihilim_) April 4, 2017


Marine Le Pen halted by security as she brandished a new chart on paper #LeGrandDebat

- The Gorafi (@le_gorafi) April 4, 2017

"Jean Lassalle, it's over your time to ...

- Fañch (@fanch_hln) April 4, 2017


Méluch he will say "subscribe to my channel" before the end for sure #LeGrandDebat

- Guillaume (@harrylafranc) April 4, 2017

"Why are they all in a suit?" It's live? We go on TV? #LeGrandDebat

- Andasil (@TonyFocan) April 4, 2017

Bernard Monaco-Lille how much is it? #LeGrandDebat

- Pat Angeli (@PatAngeli) April 4, 2017

Mélenchon he is serious proud of Poutou, he looks like a father with his son #LeGrandDebat

- The ℳ (@Le_M__) April 4, 2017

"Can you move my Kangoo? I've parked it on a delivery." #LeGrandDebat

- Kevin Razy (@KevinRazy) April 4, 2017

"- And there, I tell him: your mother she drinks sprite, she was green!
- We talk about it afterwards.
- Rraiiight "#Poutou #LeGrandDebat

- François Descacq (@FrancoisDESCACQ) April 4, 2017

"Do I smash them or smash them?" #LeGrandDebat #Poutou

- Morgane Giuliani ❄️ (@morganegln) April 4, 2017

Lassalle he looks reliable in minister of cocktail #LeGrandDebat

- bluemanlr 🌟🌟 (@bluemanlr) April 4, 2017

Is there a speech therapist in Lassalle? #LeGrandDebat

- Touk (@JeanTouk) April 4, 2017

"Let's be exemplary in politics" #LeGrandDebat

- Simon (@SimonCR_) April 4, 2017

Poutou he already killed LePen just now, now he wants to piss on his corpse it's a whew #LeGrandDebat

- Kevin Tran (@lerirejaune) April 4, 2017

Bring me cookies, I'm going to soak them in the tears of LePen and Fillon! #Poutou #LeGrandDebat

- K-Reem ⭐️⭐️ (@ThaKareem) April 4, 2017


Who found Jean Lassalle convincing? #LeGrandDebat

- Ornikkar ™ ​​(@ornikkar) April 5, 2017

#poutou will end up cracking and leaving shouting: "there is who bump tomorrow !!!" #LeGrandDebat

- Ben (@bb_ct17) April 4, 2017

Jean Lassalle, it's not a * true * candidate, it's a performance of modern art #LeGrandDebat

- Damalyss (@Damalyss) April 4, 2017

When is the last metro?

- the Critter (@The Critter) April 4, 2017

- "Did not I come here to suffer ok?" #LeGrandDebat

- med tdc (@shineofdyl) April 4, 2017

-Nathalie Arthaud, what do you think of terrorism?
- DEATH THE PATRONNAT !!!!! #LeGrandDebat

- Charles-Henry Dupré (@ AntoineViard1) April 4, 2017

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