7 brands that chose to change their name by country

Sometimes there are brands that we all know that have to make a difficult choice, to change the name to the country. And yet, the logo is so identifiable that we do not necessarily realize it. That's all the work of the teams in charge of branding.

We suggest you to discover below 7 brands that have made the choice to change their name according to the country. We explain of course, why each time.

Burger King vs. Hungry's Jack

We all know Burger King around the world. But in Australia, the name was already taken, which forced the brand to opt for "Hungry Jack's".

Ax vs Lynx

We all know the famous brand of deodorant Ax in France. But abroad, the brand is called Lynx, again for reasons of name already taken. This is particularly the case of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and China.

Danone vs Dannon

Same fight for the famous food brand Danone. To enter the US market, the brand should find a name a little more "American", and therefore opted for "Dannon".

Rexona vs Sure

As for its competitor Ax, Rexona had to change its name to "Sure" in some countries. This is particularly the case in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Mr. Clean vs Meister Proper

This is a very special case where the brand had to change its name for each country where it was established: Mr. Clean in France (obviously, we all know), Mr. Clean (USA, Canada), Meister Proper (Germany), Maestro Limpio (Latin America), Mastro Lindo (Italy) ...

Twix vs Raider

Initially, the brand created in 1967 in the UK was called Raider. When it decided to move to the United States, the brand opted for a change ... and that's how Twix was born.

Lay's vs Walker

The Walkers brand was created in the United Kingdom in 1948. PepsiCo later bought the brand and renamed it Lay's. But she was so established in Britain that she kept the name Walkers.

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