Crazy in love, he declares his love with the word games Monoprix

If you are told Monoprixyou obviously think of the chain of stores. But you also surely think of their famous word games which now accompany all the distributor products. (If you do not see what we're talking about, here are some examples). This peculiarity allowed him to climb into the closed circletrendy brands on a marketing plan and we can say that in the field of large-scale distribution, it is rather a pretty tour de force.

On the occasion of 85 years, Monoprix does not seem to have chosen to stop there, because the company has just unveiled a very cute advertisement which revolves around his word games. We see a little boy secretly in love, but who does not dare to declare his love and goes for years to try approaches using the word games he will cut on Monoprix products. The rest, we let you discover it.

A very good film signed by the agency Rosapark, a bit long, you have to admit (4 minutes is a challenge in the time of social networks) but that seems very popular with users. Good advertising, touching and full of emotions which is not without reminding that of Intermarché a few months ago.

However we do not advise you to use this technique of drag in real life ... it can be scary. 😉

Imagined by: Monoprix andRosapark

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