Connected glasses to watch your football game anywhere

When you live your passion, you have to go all the way. And for all those who swear by football, it is sometimes difficult to say that we miss a football game because of a dinner, an outing or a meeting that drags on.

So to help those who have these constraints, the TV channel Direct TV (Argentina) and the agency Ogilvy have imagined ... a pair of connected glasses that allows you to discreetly watch your team's game.

Finally, discreetly, it's a big word. These sunglasses are rather thick and work with the Direct TV app on your smartphone. Launch the application and the channel will be broadcast via your Bluetooth network on small OLED2 screens in the corners of the glasses (a bit like the Google Glasses).

Glasses that will be distributed during marketing activations of the TV channel Direct TV and which, we agree, are more the result of a communication operation type product advertising than a real innovation in itself. Useless but it's easy to talk!

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