McDo creates a bad buzz about the story of a teenager whose father is dead

In the category of displaced ads, we present to you the latest creation of McDonald's in the UK. The latter features a young boy posing with many questions to his mother to know more about his father that he seems to have never known. While roaming the city, her mother boasted the merits of her late husband before ending up in a McDonald's restaurant. The boy chooses a hamburger, which specifies his mother as to drive the nail, was his father's favorite sandwich.

Note that it is never stated in the ad that the father in question is dead, but do not be a screenwriter in Hollywood to understand it. By dint of wanting too much play on the emotionsMcDonald's snuck into a trap which closed on itself.

And Internet users have not failed to denounce the brand on social networks which, and it is rather courageous, did not want to delete it certainly for fear of the famous Streisand effect which the general public is fond of. McDonald's obviously excused in a statement the message that was held of his advertising which, one can imagine, was surely not voluntary.

Short, play with the pathos it works, but apparently not for all brands and what they represent to consumers.

Imagined by:McDonald's

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