Your free vacation ... if you take care of your host's animals

When we love animals, we always want to have them with us to take care of them. But sometimes, certain imperatives mean that you have to leave for a short time, like when you go to a seminar or vacation.

So an American society namedTrusted Housesitters had a brilliant idea. Create a market place where pet owners meet people who want to go on vacation. The goal? Create a agreement between the two parties so that the owner of the animals leaves serenely on vacation leaving the keys of his house and his animals to a vacationer who likes the company of the animals and especially who will take care of it.

Because we must specify that the exchange is done for free. This is the condition of the site. Only membership of the site costs money (we're talking about a hundred euros a year) in order to access the list of people who are ready to take care of your animals ... and to keep your home away from thieves.

Imagined by:Trusted Housesitters