The 10 creative tweets of the week (# 65)

Like every week, we propose you to make alittle break to discoverour selection of creative tweets. As usual: fromhumor, of thecreativity and somegood spread well placed! Good tasting !

It's a lot more fun with a comma

- Florence Porcel (@FlorencePorcel) July 24, 2017

vs say Lenin or loam bread?

- Madvillani (@PostBadTrump) July 21, 2017

- Who are you ?
- Glycemia
- The famous Hippo Glycemie?
- No me it's Lucas Glycemie vs etes relive with ca

- NEO (@malik_bmz) July 23, 2017

Earlier I was queuing at the pharmacy and I saw this anti-mosquito product "Parakito". This song destroyed my brain 💀🔥

- Freddy Gladieux (@FreddyGladieux) July 21st, 2017

number of Christians in the world: 2,419,000,000
number of views of Despacito: 2,759,861,549
I really need to see my com

- Jesus (@JesusOfficiel) July 23, 2017

I read a book in Space Mountain about me reading a book in Space Mountain.
I am a misunderstood genius #inception

- Mathilde (@Sorokine_) July 22, 2017

he must still think of his colleague Sylvie there
-mdr eske si jtelecharg 1 movie illegally in Guadeloupe it makes me a pirate caraibes

- joris 🌹 (@Shaiiapufu) July 23, 2017

When you forgot to give him back his Tupperware.

- Rémi (@GabytaineFlam) July 23, 2017

Me: A shock bread please
Bakery: it will be 90 cts
Me: Thin I have only 80
Militant LREM: I had to work, I have a start-up

- Ost🗞️ (@Ostpolitik) July 22nd, 2017

Jacques Cheeran

- Shineaud (@Shineaud) July 19, 2017