OnePlus offers you to move your body to recharge a giant smartphone

On October 12th, the Geek's Live event was held in Paris, the event created by the Journal du Geek at Carreau du Temple, and dedicated, as its name suggests, to new technologies. Among the various brands present to unveil their innovations, we found OnePlus, which made its first appearance on the show with a booth entirely built by the agency Biborg.

The brand presented to Geek's Live the OnePlus 3, its new smartphone equipped with the fast charging technology Dash Charge which allows to enjoy a day of autonomy in half an hour. To accompany the exhibition, Biborg has developed a digital experience with an interactive screen and a motion sensor. Based on the "Pursuit of Sounds" innovation developed by the agency, this interactive experience lets you avoid obstacles and recover Dash Charge points to recharge the battery of a giant OnePlus 3. As for "Pursuit of Sounds", it's about using your body to interact with the game.

The best players have left the experience with small gifts. An original initiative, which allows OnePlus to make a splash at Geek's Live, and to provide visitors with an entertaining and innovative experience. The installation was created in partnership with Dune Productions for the realization of the stand as well as Stereoplane for music.

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