The world's largest magazine to promote Kong Skull Island

On March 8, Warner Bros. France unveiled its new blockbuster: "Kong Skull Island". The new adventures of King Kong, the most famous giant monkey in the world, have been accompanied by a creative and innovative device at the premiere of the film, on March 6 at the Grand Rex (Paris). The first spectators of the film were able to discover the largest magazine in the world unveiled for the promotion of Kong Skull Island.

This giant magazine, produced in collaboration by Warner Bros. France and Cinemateaser, measures 3,183 meters high and 2,384 meters wide. And do not expect to be able to turn pages easily, because this magazine, like the mythical King Kong, weighs no less than 100 kilos. On the occasion of this famous preview, the record of the largest magazine in the world has been approved by the Guinness Book. An excellent idea, both surprising and impressive, which is especially intended to be in perfect harmony with the main character of the film.

ote: To make this magazine out of date, Cinemateaser collaborated with the companies Ouest Affiches (printing the pages of the magazine), Nice Colors (making the cover) and Aterlie Martial (making the binding).