IKEA wants to scan your buttocks to create the perfect chair for you

We all dreamed of having at home a made-to-measure armchair that perfectly matches the shape of your body for optimal comfort. This dream will soon be reality thanks to IKEA. In collaboration with theArea Academy and the medical printing company Unyq, the furniture giant is working on the future of the seat: the one designed to perfectly accommodate your buttocks.

In fact, this prototype already exists, and the concept was first conceived to the gamers. Indeed, they spend hours each week playing video games sitting on their seats, and necessarily, all this has repercussions on health and posture. IKEA so is working on this surprising concept which would therefore allow the brand to3D print a seat based on the shape of your buttocks.

We do not know at the moment how the experience will work in store, but it will require both 3D scanning and of course 3D printing. The brand plans to commercialize this concept from here 2020, which should inevitably bring happiness to all those who spend long hours in front of their computer (and it's not just about gamers).

Of course, targeting gamers is a strategic choice for the brand. Video games represent a global industry of 137 billion dollars, and the sport will represent alone $ 2.3 billion by 2022. And with the rise of games like Overwatch or Fortnite, success is not about to pass.

An intelligent initiative for the brand that is already preparing the future by offering its consumers furniture tailored to their body to provide them with optimal comfort. From there to imagine that the brand will offer its consumers to customize all of its products, there is only one step.

Credits: IKEA

Credits: IKEA

Credits: IKEA

Imagined by: IKEA

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