This designer has created an alphabet with the different simulations of Neymar

As in 2014, the 2018 World Cup results in a failure for Brazil. While the Auriverdes were among the favorites of the competition, they finally lost in the quarter-finals of the World Cup against a very strong team from Belgium. And finally, what we will remember the most Brazil this year, it will be above all the tremendous capacity of Neymar à to simulate while throwing itself on the ground of masterful matter.

And it must be said that Neymar has made so many falls on the occasion of this 2018 World Cupthat a Brazilian designer had the idea to create ... a real alphabet. Luciano Jacob, artistic director in the city of Curitiba the Brazil, has therefore developed the "Ney Type", a typography that shows the different Neymar Falls to create a real alphabet.

And yes, there is enough "Headings" to be able to illustrate the 26 letters of the alphabet. A real feat that you can discover in more detail right here. We also invite you to visit the profile Behance of Luciano Jacob to learn more about the artist. Finally Yes simulations of Neymar have fun, we invite you to discover this original initiative of a bar in Brazil who had the idea to pay his general tour for every fall of Neymar.

Credits: Luciano Jacob

Credits: Luciano Jacob

Credits: Luciano Jacob

Imagined by: Luciano Jacob

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