This football fan drinks a beer from every country eliminated in the World Cup

What's good with the World Cup, it is that everyone is free to celebrate the event in its own way. And the football fan we are going to talk about today has a very special way of celebrating the competition. Gus Hully is a football lover and a fan of Cheltenham Town, a club that plays in the English fourth division.

To celebrate FIFA World Cup Russiahe had the idea to get a beer from each country who participates in the competition. In total, therefore, it is not less 32 beers from around the world that have been collected by the football fan. But that's not all: all the subtlety of the operation lies in the sequel!

Whenever a country is eliminated from the World Cup, Gus Hully has set himself the challenge of drink the corresponding beer. A personal, fun and creative challenge that this 31-year-old football fan combines with his love for beer. And it must be said that the challenge was not easy. Gus Hully had to travel up to Paris and Barcelona to get some beers. For others, he had to rely on his friends: one of them brought him a beer ofEgypt to enable him to support the team of Mohamed Salah.

Gus Hully He also admitted that he thought of drinking German beer last. The competition did not take place as he expected and he had to open the bottle a little earlier than expected ... A simple and fun idea for a football lover who lives the World Cup in its own way ! For more information and to discover our creative of the day in video, go on the Mirror website who detected this initiative.

Credits: Mirror / Richard Martin

Credits: Mirror / Richard Martin

Imagined by: Richard Martin

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