In Brazil, this bar offers a general tour with each fall of Neymar

As talented and popular as any Neymar, there is an aspect of the Brazilian player's personality that tends to annoy everyone: it's his ability to throw himself on the ground at the slightest shock and to simulate an injury. And in full FIFA World Cup Russia, the subject is more relevant than ever.

In the match between the Brazil the Costa Rica, Neymar we have "Gratified" a absolutely theatrical simulation. An attitude that seems visibly even annoy the Brazilian fans, who did not hesitate to testify at Neymar their discontent. This is particularly the case Walter Pub, a bar located in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

To communicate intelligently and simply during the World Cup, this bar had an original initiative. For every voluntary fall of Neymar during a match of the competition, the bar pays his tour to all of its customers present at the time of the action.

Momento decisivo para o Brasil! Nesta quarta, abriremos but cedo, as 14h.Venha torcer conosco com telão ao vivo, ...

Published by Sir. Walter Pub on Sunday 24 June 2018

A simple initiative that nevertheless allows this bar in the suburbs of Rio to talk about him surfing a news item that speaks to all football fans ... and inevitably to explode his bookings! Well seen !

Credits: Walter Pub

Imagined by: Walter Pub

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