American Express unveils a bank card designed with marine plastic

Just today banks go green ! This is particularly the caseAmerican Express which recently unveiled his first credit card made entirely from marine plastic. Currently in prototyping phase, the card should be released within a year. The idea, you understood, is to contribute to clean up the seas and oceans using the plastic and in recycling it to make bank cards.

Our oceans play a vital role in our lives. As a result, the health of our planet but also tourism depend on it. It is therefore important for us to educate our customers to do their utmost to preserve our beautiful blue oceans. " Explain Doug Buckminster, the president of Global Consumer Services for American Express.

Credits: American Express

Through this "symbolic" initiative, American Express shows so his will and his commitment in the fight against the pollution of the oceans and the preservation, more generally, of our planet. An initiative not far off in the spirit of that of Adidas who imagined, a few years ago, sneakers made from recycled waste from the sea or from MTV who designed sex toys... of the same material!

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We're collaborating w / @parleyxxx to combat marine plastic pollution. Amex Card made from plastics recovered from the ocean to reduce plastics globally // #AmexLife #KeepItBlue #AmexParley

- American Express (@AmericanExpress) June 7, 2018

Imagined by: American Express

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