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The city of Périgueux inaugurates the first permanent rainbow pedestrian crossing

The May 17 last, the rights of LGBT were honored on the occasion of the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. Although, fortunately, mentalities tend to change little by little, the subject is still cleavage for some people and it is important that everyone contributes to this cause, whether or not the subject is concerned.

On the occasion of this day of global struggle, the city of Perigueux in Dordogne had a very good initiative: inaugurate a pedestrian-rainbow crossing for the rights of LGBT. This permanent marking will be a first in France. According to the mayor of Périgueux, this is not a militant act, but a desire to fight against intolerance. "Even if the subject is still cleavage, it is important to change mentalities through ideas like this" explains the mayor.

An excellent creative initiative that stands out as a strong and permanent message, and shows a real willingness of the institutions to to change mentalities. Also note that although the idea is quite innovative in France, it is quite marked in countries like United States where the Canada who have adopted this trend for quite some time already to defend the rights of the LGBT community. The first pedestrian crossing of this type was born in 2012 in West Hollywood, California, on the occasion of the Gay Pride. The city finally decided to make the marking permanent to make it a real symbol.

Credits: Prefecture of Dordogne

Credits: Prefecture of Dordogne

Credits: Prefecture of Dordogne

Imagined by: Prefecture of Dordogne
Source: huffingtonpost.fr