20 creative tattoo ideas that play with the spine

Today, getting a tattoo has become a totally innocuous act of everyday life. Some do it for the beauty of the visual, others because they have a message to convey. In any case, there is always a good reason to make a tattoo ... but still it is necessary he is beautiful and successful. But you know us: the tattoos that we propose to discover are worth a visit !

In Creapills, we are used to relay initiatives of artists who realize beautiful creations around the world of tattooing. We told you about the Turkish artist for example Alican Gorgu who was transforming family photos in tattoos. Today, we invite you to discover the most beautiful creative tattoos that play with the spine.

These people have made the choice to make realize on their bodies of beautiful tattoos which perfectly fit the shape of their spine. And it is clear that the result is beautiful and shows a certain osmosis between the human body and the graphic creation. A nice selection of 20 creative and surprising tattoos to discover below! And if you have not had enough, we also invite you to discover the initiative of the Australian artist Tukoi Oya who realizes tattoos that react to UV… Beautiful !

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