He creates terrifying Disney princesses to take revenge on his daughters

When we decide to to become a dadyou have to prepare for a lot of changes in his life. And when we are daddy of two little girls, then we have to have a lot of patience and accept watch Disney movies in a loop. It's the daily life of Shawn Coss, the artist we are going to talk about today.

This creative talented in illustration admits having suffered "Irreparable" with his two little girls: he was forced to watch more than 500 times the different films Disney. So this ingenious dad had a great idea for revenge ... in his own way. He therefore decided toillustrate Disney princesses by literally transforming them into scary creatures.

Forget everything you know about the lovely Disney movie characters. Here, the princesses wear a really disturbing and sordid appearance. Finally, Shawn Coss found his outlet after being forced to watch so many times the Disney princess movies. We invite you to visit his Instagram account to learn more about the artist. And for information, Shawn Coss is also the original artist disturbing illustrations which highlight the different phobias we all know more or less.


Credits: Shawn Coss

Snow White

Credits: Shawn Coss


Credits: Shawn Coss


Credits: Shawn Coss


Credits: Shawn Coss

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Credits: Shawn Coss

Imagined by: Shawn Coss

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