5 creative inventions to escape from a building in case of a problem

When it comes to his survival, the human being is surprising. He does not stop imagining solutions always more creative to save himself from all situations. If you doubt or want examples, we advise you to watch our video that compiles 7 surprising inventions who want to save your life.

In the same context, we were also interested in all these ideas that save lives in case of problems in a building. Obviously, we think about fire but we can also refer to gas leaks or to hostage taking. So inventors from all over the world are thinking about ideas every day more effective with only one problem: how escape the fastest of a building in case of problem. Video answer!


Developed in South Korea, Nerigo is an elevator for one or two people that allows for go down one floor. It allows quickly to go from terrace to terrace ... but still requires a lot of organization on the part of users.

Credits : Nerigo


This vest worthy of gadget James Bond could piss off more than one. But when it comes to survival, we are capable of everything. Even to throw oneself into the void, just hanging on iron wire which takes place to bring you to the ground. Here is the idea of SkySaver and I must admit that it is very convenient.

Credits : SkySaver

Escape Chute Systems

This original system allows to evacuate the most impressive ways of a building. Slip into the pipe and move the limbs to descend slowly and arrive safely on the ground. A very practical invention baptized Escape Chute Systems which certainly will not please the claustrophobes.

Credits : Escape Chute Systems

High Rise Evacuation Slide

This toboggan is not for fun. No, it was invented by the Chinese Zhou Miaorong and allows to go down very quickly by sliding from floor to floor. It is especially practical for the elderly who would not have the speed to go down the steps of stairs in case of problem. His name: High Rise Evacuation Slide.

Credits : High Rise Evacuation Slide

Escape Rescue Systems

Evacuate a person on a hospital bed is complex. And none of the ideas we saw above would be useful in this case. That's why Escape Rescue Systems would be greatly helpful for hospitals and retirement homes. Pulled by a crane, this pod slide along the building to open the desired floor and thus save people in need.

Credits : Escape Rescue Systems

Sourced by: Creapills

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