These 3 educational films explain the computer security to the most novices

The IT security is a very abstract concept for many people: we know we must be careful but we do not really know what. For the average user, this universe can quickly seem very complicated and when we start to place words like "Rootkit", "Keylogger" or "Malware", we inevitably complex the message to the most novices.

And if we could imagine these terms so fun and didactice to make internet users aware of the importance of adopting an IT security approach? This is what we propose in la France the access provider and antivirus publisherNordnet who made a series of films that explain the following terms: "Keylogger", "Rootkit" et "ransomware". Objective: to promote its antivirus Securitoo

These three films have the particularity of addressing these topics with a humorous tone and of popularize the message to make it accessible to everyone. We also note the quality of the animation of the films concerning the ransomware and the rootkit. We let you discover below the 3 films which will surely bring you another vision of the world of computer security. And to discover all the didactic videos of the brand, click here.

The ransomware

The rootkit

The keylogger

Imagined by: Nordnet

Video: What is Cyber Security? Introduction to Cyber Security. Cyber Security Training. Edureka (January 2020).