Here are the 10 most viewed ads on YouTube in 2017

As usual, the end of the year is an opportunity to take stock. And like every year, Youtube do not break the rule and reveals the ranking 10 commercials viewed on its platform in 2017. These are not necessarily the most creative and inspirational advertising contributions, but simply those that have gained public support and generated the most views (with imagine a small budget media to the key, but good).

By visualizing this ranking, we realize that the popularity of brands count a lot (Apple, Adidas, Oreo, Samsung ...) but also the endorsement. Even if the exercise remains classic, staging figures like Natalie Portman or Dwayne Johnson is a guarantee of success Youtube. Finally, we note that emotion remains the main factor of success, and Samsung proves it with its very touching spot which reaches the first place of the podium and which has the particularity to have been realized in India.

Note : The figures shown below are those of the videos at the time the article was published, namely December 29, 2017.

# 10 · 17.6 million views

In tenth place in the YouTube ads ranking, there is a signed contribution Mr. Clean (which is better known under the name of Monsieur Propre in France). Directed to United States on the occasion of Super Bowl, this spot puts on stage the emblematic Mr. Cleaner sexier than ever that maintains a sensual relationship ... around the household. More than 17.6 million views on YouTube.

# 9 · 22.6 million views

Dance fan? So you surely could not miss out on the latest commercial of the ready-to-wear brand Levi's which made a splash this year. On the bottom of "Makeba" of Jain this pub is a true ode to dance and shows us the different jeans of the brand staged in choreographies around the world. An aesthetic ad, a good rhythm and a perfectly calibrated soundtrack is what is obviously needed to generate more 22.6 million views on YouTube.

# 8 · 25.3 million views

The endorsement still has good days in front of him. Proof is with Apple who realized more than 25.3 million views (cumulated on the different videos available in several languages) with his explosive spot for theiPhone 7 who stages ... the mythical The Rock. The apple brand has used Dwayne Johnson and his very particular style to highlight theiPhone 7 and especially his vocal assistant Siri.

# 7 · 25.4 million views

For the launch of his new campaign "ORIGINAL is never finished", the brand Adidas unveiled this year a spot as beautiful as surprising that has achieved more than 25.4 million views on YouTube. The pub modernizes the mythical "My Way" of Frank Sinatra in a creation at once beautiful and strange which gives pride to different cultural winks. A real advertising UFO signedJohannes Leonardo.

# 6 · 26 million views

The life of a hero is not easy. In any case, this is what this commercial advert made by Kia for the Super Bowl which stages the actress Melissa McCarthy. This video is surely one of the best achievements of the Super Bowl 2017 and shows us a very special side of a hero's day ... with a touch of black humor. A success story signed David & Goliath which has generated more than 26 million views on YouTube.

# 5 · 28.6 million views

This Super Bowl 2017 offered us a great advertising vintage, and this year is the spot of the beer brand Budweiser which caused a sensation. This film of a minute with cinematographic paces tells us the epic ofAdolphus Busch, one of the founders of the brand. Of German origin, the latter emigrated to United States.... at a time when borders were much more closed than today. A one-minute masterpiece, made by the agency Anomaly, which generated 28.6 million views on YouTube.

# 4 · 47 million views

The perfume ads are always the same, and yet they continue to cause a sensation. Proof is with the spot of Dior for its fragrance Miss Dior who climbs to the fourth position of this ranking with 47 million views. The recipe is simple: quality endorsement with Natalie Portman, beautiful pictures, a soundtrack signed Sia... It's basic and we admit that in terms of creativity we have seen better (without too many problems ...)but that's enough to make it one of the most watched ads in 2017.

# 3 · 99 million views

Do you like spectacular videos that are both ingenious? Apparently you're not the only one, and that, Oreo understood it well. The famous brand of biscuits has imagined a spot of 7 minutes that reveals us incredible mechanisms that play with ping pong balls and who will talk to fans ofbeer pong. Of course, it's addictive and the more seconds pass, the more we want to discover the following tricks. A huge success on Youtube with over 99 million views.

# 2 · 111.5 million views

In a few years, Clash Royale has reached the pantheon of the most popular games on mobile. So inevitably, if the actions in terms of communication and marketing follow, it is the success assured. To communicate on his game, the publisher Supercell is accustomed to making short animated videos that show the different playable protagonists. And this year, one of them realized no less than 111.5 million views on YouTube. A duel - and figures - the most absurd.

# 1 · 150.5 million views

And in the first position of this advertising ranking, we find an advertisement made by the manufacturer Samsung… in India. Sequence emotion with the builder who promotes his slogan "We will reach you wherever you are". The spot features a technician of the brand who will live a real adventure to finally join a boarding school for the blind to install a new TV. An emotional creative that generated 150.5 million views on YouTube and who gets to the top of the podium.

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