20 creative Christmas trees that will make you "the original of the family"

Every year, it's the same ritual. We get the decorations to embellish this little ephemeral fir freshly landed at home and who will soon see dozens of gifts spread out before him. Unless you want to play it original this year! In this case, we forget the traditional little tree and we make to work his creativity to surprise family and friends.

And as we love creativity, we had the idea Creapills to offer you a compilation of 20 creative Christmas trees which will really surprise you with their unusual and disruptive side. Thank you to all those creative people who make Christmas a funny moment besides being festive! And if you do not like trees too much, then you can always decorate your beard… or your eyebrows (Yes Yes).

The chemist

Credits : enteger

The passionate reader

Credits : 4b3ats

The Star Wars addict

Credits : splitheaddawg

The collector of VHS

Credits : DanStaircruiser

The tree in modeling clay

Credits : Gary Card

The handyman

Credits : Katy Higgins

The suspended

The comfortable

The green

The fir tree after the evening

The inflated

The fashion enthusiast

Credits : Karen Elizabeth

The well-shod

The king of recovery

Credits :

The corked

The minimalist

The king of recycling

Credits : Gloria Mercado-Martin

The row

Credits : IKEA

The banana fan

Credits : IDontAlwaysPostHere


Credits : askmeaboutyourday

Bonus: the anti-cat trick

Credits : jina100

Sourcing by: Creapills

Video: People Who Won Christmas With Their Creative Christmas Tree Ideas (November 2019).