The RATP renames the station "Duroc" in "Durock" in tribute to Johnny Hallyday

The huge Johnny Hallyday left usWednesday, December 6, 2017 at the age of 74 years. The French rock star was, we knew, seriously ill and his death brought a huge flood of tributes from many personalities and strangers throughout the la France.

And among these tributes, one particularly caught our attention in Creapills and we wanted to share it with you. In the early afternoon, the RATP made the decision to rename the subway station "Duroc" in "Durock Johnny" to celebrate the missing national star. A tribute captured on video by the surferAntoine Llorca :

In tribute to #JohnnyHallyday, @RATPGroup has renamed the station Duroc station "Durock Johnny"

- Antoine Llorca (@antoinellorca) December 6, 2017

A beautiful, simple and touching idea that was accompanied by the music of some excerpts of the great hits of the singer between two ads about the traffic. The initiative was, it seems, very popular on social networks and by users of the RATP… an idea that is not unlike, in another context, the diversions of subway stations for the April 1st.

Credits : RATP

Credits : Antoine Llorca | Twitter

Credits : Antoine Llorca | Twitter

Imagined by: RATP
Credits: RATP

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