In Japan, holidays for non-smokers to compensate for cigarette breaks

To fight against cigarette may be a public health issue around the world, some private companies redouble creativity to make their contribution to the building. And in the field, the Japanese companyPiala Inc. managed to get her talking with an original initiative. Based at Tokyo she offers to her non-smoking employees 6 days of additional leave per year to make up for the regular cigarette breaks of their fellow smokers.

Specializing in marketing, the company has more than 120 employees and 30 of them have already taken advantage of these incongruous holidays. And if we believe the spokesman, 4 employees have already put aside the cigarette break in the hope of these few days of relaxation.

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Questioned byKyodo NewsTakao Asuka, the CEO of Piala Inc, said he wanted to change the bad habits of his employees "By the advantages more than by the constraint" because cigarette breaks were causing small wars internallyas is the case in many societies. A year earlier, several employees had complained about these unframed breaks that often lasted longer than 15 minutes.

Takao Asuka, CEO of Piala Inc.

A creative and commonsense initiative from a corporate boss who deserves credit to be shared to inspire others around the world. The World Health Organization recalls that more 18% of Japanese adults smoke and that in the world, more than 1.1 billion people are addicted to nicotine. What do you think of the idea? Would you be willing to recommend it to your company?

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Video: Japanese firm gives non smokers extra six days holiday to compensate for cigarette break (January 2020).