This number sends an automatic message to heavy draggers

The drag can be a good time ... when the limit of heaviness is not crossed. And this is often the problem of many women everyday who are trying to flee the heavy draggers who do not drop their target until they have, at least, a phone number. So to help women get rid of these unpleasant encounters faster, two creatives had a great idea: create a number that sends a automatic message... that will calm heavy draggers.

Imagined byClara Gonzales and Eliott Lepers, this feint will allow you to give the dredger a number: the 06 44 64 90 21. Your admirer then thinks he has your number, but an hour after sending his message, he will receive another one that will cool him down: "Hello ! If you read this message it's because you put a woman uncomfortable. With you, she did not feel safe. It is not very complicated: if a woman tells you "no", you do not need to insist. Learn to respect women's freedom and their decisions. Thank you."

An idea directly inspired by the American site The Mary Sue which only works with internet. No need for a second SIM card to hide the number or other. It is amusing, it is creative but the only problem is that if the dredger relooks already knows this numberhe will not let you down ... but at least he will understand the message even before receiving it !

Imagined by:Clara Gonzales and Eliott Lepers

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