Here are the 15 winners of the 2017 International Animal Photo Contest

Each year, the Natural History Museum London organizes the Wildlife Photographer of the Year : a contest that rewards the best pictures of the animal world. The big winners of the 2017 edition have just been revealed and we must admit that the pictures are breathtaking. The winning photographs were selected from over 50,000 contributions issues of 92 different countries.

As a reminder, the different photos must deal with nature theme and therefore staging animals or landscapes. But they must not be satisfied with being beautiful or spectacular, the photos must also to feel emotions and convey awareness messages to important causes. As proof, this year's big winner is none other thanBrent Stirton who realized an unsustainable photograph featuring a rhino savagely killed for his horn.

We let you discover below the winners of this 2017 edition. Note that there is also an edition "Young Awards"dedicated to the best natural photos made by budding photographers (under 17 years old). To find out more about the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017, click here.

Winner 2017

Credits: Brent Stirton, South Africa

Category: Animals in their Environment

Credits: Marcio Cabral, Brazil

Category: Portraits of Animals

Credits: Peter Delaney, Ireland / South Africa

Category: Amphibians and Reptiles

Credits: Brian Skerry, United States

Category: Birds

Credits: Gerry Pearce, United Kingdom / Australia

Category: Invertebrates

Credits: Justin Gilligan, Australia

Category: Mammals

Credits: Tony Wu, United States

Category: Plants and Mushrooms

Credits: Dorin Bofan, Romania

Category: Submarine

Credits: Anthony Berberian, France

Category: Urban Wildlife

Credits: Jaime Culebras, Spain

Category: Earth Environments

Credits: Laurent Ballesta, France

Category: Black and White

Credits: Eilo Elvinger, Luxembourg

"Young Awards" category: less than 10 years old

Credits: Ekaterina Bee, Italy

"Young Awards" category: 11 to 14 years old

Credits: Ashleigh Scully, United States

"Young Awards" category: 15 to 17 years old

Credits: Daniël Nelson, Netherlands

Imagined by: Natural History Museum

Video: Award-winning images capture wildlife (January 2020).