These 2-minute horror movies will amaze you with their creativity

Do you like horror movies? So you will love these short films ! Exclusive products for the TV channel Fox TV and revealed by the site Adweek, each mini-movie is sponsored by a group brand March (Skittles, Mars, M & M's, ...). In total, 12 2-minute films are broadcast daily until October 31 (Halloween day). And if 2 minutes you seem short to tell a scary story ... you're going to be surprised !

Our crush returns without hesitation to the film "Floor 9.5" Sponsored by Skittles. This last tells the story of a woman stuck in an elevator between the 9th and the 10th floor. The door then opens on the floor 9.5... we will let you discover it!

"Floor 9.5" by Skittles

written by Simon Allen and directed by Toby Meakins with Robin Berry, Georgina Campbell and James Cunningham.

The funny thing is that these films have absolutely nothing to do with the brand that presents them but are seen as content offered by one of the products of the company March. A marketing idea that is even more intelligent triggers emotion (the fear) and still remind you at the end of the movie ... do not forget to buy sweets for Halloween !

Distributed exclusively on Fox TV, all movies are not yet available on the internet. But we still managed to find some 3 other very effective we present you below.

"Replacement" by Starburst

made by Christopher Leone with Jack McGraw and Aidan McGraw.

"The Road" by M & M's

made by Jack Bishop and Justin Nijm

"Live Bait" by Snickers

written by Gabriel Miller and Andrew Laurich. Realized byAndrew Laurich with Brian Donahue

Imagined by: March and FOX TV