Here's how 2 vertical bars can give a surprising 3D effect to GIFs

In recent years, GIFs are gaining popularity on the web. They are used in all the sauces and some have become true icons of popular culture. We also note some small innovations in this format, especially that of create GIFs that simulate a 3D effect. How? Simply by adding 2 vertical bars, placed in strategic places, which will give a rather impressive effect of depth.

The characters, who initially appear behind these white bars cross the border and create the famous 3D effect that we love so much. These separation strips are actually used as visual markers for the background and the foreground.

Once an element of the image passes in front of them (animal, projectile, member ...), your brain automatically identifies the scene as if it were three-dimensional. We let you see below a series of GIFs that brilliantly use this very clever technique!