A fun milk bottle packaging ... inspired by cows

Bottles, we see every day in any supermarket or grocery store. But finally, they are all alike once on the shelf. Some manufacturers have understood the importance of working aesthetic and creative packaging to mark the spirits but the best ideas often come from independent creatives ... like this packaging of bottle of milk.

Based on Turkey, Muhammet Uzuntaş imagined a fun concept of rather explicit bottle of milk that pays homage to cows. Each bottle has indeed a very particular shape, with udders that serve to hold it upright and tasks that also remind the animal. Obviously, it's very visual and it would be difficult to miss this packaging in a supermarket. But unfortunately, this is only a concept that is unlikely to emerge, let's be realistic: its very particular form would necessarily make production costs much too high.

If you have been seduced by this bottle-cow and want to know more about the artist, go to his profile Behance. And to go further, we propose to discover 20 bottle packagings who will impress you with their creativity.

Credits: Muhammet Uzuntaş

Credits: Muhammet Uzuntaş

Credits: Muhammet Uzuntaş

Imagined by: Muhammet Uzuntas

Video: Cows Getting Abducted By UFOs On A Fun Milk Bottle Design (October 2019).