This company will market "the best bite" of ice cream cones in sachets

We are not going to lie: when we eat an ice cream cone, the best is finally the famous tip stuffed with chocolate. Because yes, the real purpose of eating ice cream is to arrive at this greedy tip, perfect combo between crispy biscuit and tasty chocolate. And if instead of just a tip, you could have several ?

Your dream is now reality. A contractor by the name of Nick Cavegn has indeed imagined the "Muddy Bites", bags that contain only the famous chocolate tip, "Mini-cones" in short. Currently in the pre-launch phase, Muddy Bites are not yet announced on the French market.

The public price of a sachet is announced at $ 3.49 and will contain fifteen mini-cones. What to make the happiness of lovers of iced cones ... and gourmands in general. Until you know more, you can go to the official website of Muddy Bites where a pre-launch campaign will be launched on September 24 next.

Credits: Muddy Bites

Credits: Muddy Bites

Credits: Muddy Bites

Imagined by: Muddy Bites

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