During a visit to the museum, they come across their perfect look-alikes ... in paintings

Imagine: you go to the museum, and there, you realize that the person represented in the picture opposite you looks like two drops of water. Yes, you are his perfect look-alike ! Rather disturbing is not it?

Here is the idea of ​​a topic on the siteBored Panda whose visitors had fun compiling several photos of people who went to the museum and who came across their lookalikes in paintings (or sculptures). The resemblance is particularly striking and for once, it must be said that chance does things well. We let you discover ...

Credits: Davidurbon

Credits: WreckedTangled

Credits: pepesilvia-

Credits: Ross W. Duffin

Credits: datman510

Credits: joahdato

Credits: _Melbourneer_

Credits: 1999n12y27

Credits: Todd Mansfield

Credits: Blor-Utar

Credits: scrmedia

Credits: Davidurbon

Credits: DaytonArt

Video: Katy Perry Goes Undercover as an Art Exhibit at the Whitney Museum. Vanity Fair (January 2020).